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Perfect Injustice


During planning process, I always like to re-visit the architecture of my favourite places in Sicily. For this particular artwork, I have been inspired by the rococo stuccoes in Palazzo Biscari in Catania and the frescoes that can be found there.

The story of Perseus and Medusa is one of the greatest ones in the Greek mythology. It is a story of perseverance and incredible bravery of Perseus, however, in my opinion, also a story of injustice towards Medusa, therefore I have decided to revisit the well known scene. Just how far we are willing to go to in order to save our loved ones?

The life of the innocent Medusa was taken during her sleep and whilst everyone is paying attention to the heroism of Perseus, not much thought is dedicated to Medusa. Her only guilt was her beauty, cursed to a horrible existence and then killed. The head of the Medusa is to date a symbol of Sicily, proudly displayed in the Sicilian flag for the protection of the island.

152 x 91 x 5cm
Oil on wooden board, charcoal pastel, spray paint, 23.5k gold leaf, polymer clay

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