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I am an Italian artist currently living and creating in Slovakia. I am predominantly working with oil, gold leaf, charcoal and mixed media. Drawing inspiration from my homeland’s architecture, myths and traditional patterns, the “Sicilian collection” and “The Land of Myth collection” started taking shape. Sicily was and still is the melting pot of the Norman, Byzantine, Arab, Roman, Greek heritages, therefore mix of various patterns can be found throughout my portfolio. The collection is marked by ornate accents, warm materials and indoor-outdoor living feel. The majolica ceramics have survived for centuries and the stories they still tell us remain as vital, unique and animated as the hand-painted baroque ornamentations themselves. I strongly believe that these beautiful traditions should be preserved for many generations to come.

Artworks from my Sicilian collection can be found in private collections in the UK, Australia, India, Slovakia, Portugal, Bahrain and the United States.


 Maioliche Siciliane

Majolica,  or maiolica, comes from the Medieval Italian word for  the Spanish island of Majorca. The Italians mistakingly thought the style was from Spain, while the technique originated in the Middle East back in the ninth century. In reality Moorish potters took their craft to Sicily and the style gradually spread to the mainland from Santo Stefano di Camastra.


Today, Sicily still has a thriving ceramics industry, centred in four main towns: Caltagirone, Santo Stefano di Camastra, Burgio and Sciacca.


The majolica ceramics have survived for centuries and the stories they still tell us remain as vital, unique and animated as the hand painted baroque ornamentations themselves.



Aeolian Islands, Sicily

I have come across this boutique hotel when searching for the next holiday destination. Salina was on my wish list for quite some time and I could not be more thankful to Anita and her family for showcasing some of my works during the summer season of 2019. Principe is a family run boutique hotel located on the island of Salina, off the Sicilian coast. It's not very often I am lost for words but this place is a paradise on Earth.       



Sicily has an amazing history which is very often forgotten due to the infamous association with Mafia. Therefore, I have started a collaboration with an organisation called ADDIOPIZZO, which helps small businesses across Sicily, which would usually need to pay the extortion money (pizzo) to Mafia in order to be able to trade. Part of what keeps me going is to bring awareness about the current situation back home and support the activities of this courageous local group


The organization is led by a generation whose adolescence was characterized by the murders of AntiMafia judges, journalists and businessmen and operates in the Palermo metropolitan area - traditionally a Mafia stronghold. Addiopizzo was established in 2004 by five friends who wanted to open a bar in Palermo, however realizing they would be asked to pay “pizzo” to Mafia, they decided to set up an organization instead.


In 2020, the association has over 1010 members (among them traders and entrepreneurs) as well as over 13,000 consumers who are committed to buy only at shops belonging to the "pizzo-free" list. ADDIOPIZZO fights against mafia protection/extortion money and a percatange of the sale price of each artwork will be donated to the organization to support their activities.