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Conquer the Fear by Salvatore Battaglia


This is an artwork from my Sicilian collection. Sicily is a brilliant melting pot of old and new, traditional and modern. By combining the traditional ornaments and Greek mythology figure of Zeus, I have tried to reflect on the current situation and the theme of fear and courage.

Choices that we make determine our fate and we should never let fear to decide upon it. As Plato says, being courageous is knowing what not to fear. It can seem that nowadays, the fear is more present than ever. By being courageous, by being afraid but keep going on anyhow and having our voices heard, we can try to master and conquer the fear in these uncertain times. We are in control of our own destiny and ultimately, it is the courage that leads to happiness and makes our dreams possible.

120 x 120 x 5cm
Oil on wooden board, charcoal pastel, 23.5k gold leaf, polymer clay

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